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Free your mind. Free your life

you appreciate this life is precious + fleeting and want to liVe IT fully with

no regrets

you've heard the call, and you must go


I see you, rebel one!

Insight and deep healing can arrive with extended meditation practice, retreats and other personal growth work. No doubt! In fact, an established practice is encouraged.

However, especially in these times, not everyone has the luxury - or ability - to devote themselves to the depth of practice required in these tried-and-true ways. Others have already tried "all the things," and while it may have been beneficial, they feel there's still deeper work to be done.

It's well-known that certain types of altered state experiences can achieve the insight that would require years of personal growth work otherwise. This rapid path can be powerful - and it's also not for everyone. That's why we require an application and an interview. Your safety is our priority.

In the Adventure Mastermind, you'll actively create an aligned life through doing the mind expansion and soul work that most people avoid until something shakes the foundations of their lives (cancer, a serious accident, losing a loved one... basically, the Universe smacking us awake).

Let's not wait for that.

  • You'll have adventures - inner and outer. Your investment includes altered states retreats in adventurous locales. We open with a mini virtual retreat in February. Our first live retreat starts in March 2025 along the blue waters of Hawai'i. There is an optional second retreat in Alaska in May/June 2025 (TBA).
  • Spend time in nature + wild places. I've found this is where the soul truly feels at home.
  • Explore alternative states of consciousness to learn more about your mind + soul with two journeys - one on each retreat. We will discuss the best option for you on your consult call (entheogens, deep meditation/breathwork, etc).
  • Learn how to free your mind + your life with tangible skills you will master. You will have instant access to weekly calls and curated courses the day you register.

This all happens with a group of self-identified womyn that are intrepid explorers - just like you.  Take a deep dive into what it means to live a life of meaning + integrity with no regrets.

Your life is your masterpiece, and we don’t f*ck around when it comes to that.


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Ana Camel
  • Have you *been there, done that* with the usual personal growth stuff, and are ready to take a deep dive into genuine soul-level work and exploration of your psyche?
  • Maybe you've explored meditation, yoga, and life coaching and while it was helpful, you can tell there's more; or maybe you're wondering why you're still not making progress like you thought you would...
  • Are you crazy smart and need someone who can see aspects of you that are hard to see yourself, so you can be lovingly called out to embody your highest self?
  • Do you want to achieve wild success in this life, and do so with authenticity,  integrity, compassion, and love?
  • Are you in the next chapter of your life and want to rediscover who you are, what you really want (because this can change!), and why the f*ck you're here on this planet, in this lifetime, in that gorgeous goddess pod of yours?
  • Have you had a smidge (or a boatload) of curiosity about plant medicine and entheogens but want to make sure you are held in a safe, trauma-informed container if you choose to explore it?

If you can relate to any of these things, welcome. You’re in the right place!

JOIN A SQUAD OF intrepid womxn who want to create a life of more freedom, adventure, and purpose...

just like you.

They aren’t your average adventurers – they’re ready for full-on exploration, inside AND out. They value living life wild + free + being connected to nature and wild things. Every damn day. Also – this isn’t a competitive adventure race – we support every womxn rising. Together.

Whether you’re not sure why, but you've heard the call to go deeper; you're aching to have clarity about your next steps and your purpose in this life; wanting to step into an authentic you that's more aligned with your deepest values, dreams and desires; or begin healing on a deeper level, one thing’s for sure:

retreat photo green sands shaka

You are ready and know that this is the step on your journey in this one precious life. You want to know all the parts of you, heal, and share your gifts with the world in even deeper ways. You want to embrace the wisdom you've earned at a deeper level, because you know it helps you live a more full life.

You want a life of no regrets, no matter what.

But there's just one little problem:


there's a nagging feeling something else needs to happen

and it bugs the sh*t out of you
FS retreat

The Adventure Mastermind will provide you with the toolS, coaching, support, and inner + outer adventures that you need to fill in the gaps - with a trauma-informed professional

In the Adventure Mastermind, you’ll also uplevel your Ziji:

radiant inner confidence


Ziji isn't the kind of confidence a CEO walks onto a stage with. It's the type of confidence and inner knowing that causes everyone in the room to quiet down when a calm presence enters the room. It doesn’t depend on what others think or how you were raised. It comes from knowing who you are and what you want and why you - yes YOU, and only you - are here on this planet.

It’s the kind of confidence that is a deep trust in our own being, which comes from courageously getting to know - and accept - all the parts of us. Even the shadow sides. It's a knowing that all parts of you are welcomed.

With ziji, you stop pushing people away and shed the armor around your heart. You don't try to avoid failing - instead, you take more risks. You are proud of how you show up in the world and know your unique role in this wild and wacky world we live in. You trust your spiritual path and where you're going. You open up more and more as you heal deeper and more profound layers. You live a life of no regrets.

Having ziji - radiant inner confidence - is about full exploration and expansion.

it has an IMPACT on:

  • How deeply you know yourself
  • How to remove blocks you may not have been aware of.
  • How in-love-with-life you are.
  • How you impact those around you. As Maya Angelou said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
  • How much you trust yourself and your inner wisdom
  • How many risks - inward and outward - you’re willing to take to create the life you want.
  • How you finally feel an acceptance of your inner world, and not taken over by waves of emotion that keep you from taking your life to the next level

You let go of Shame. Fear. Doubt. Regret.

life is way too short for that bullsh*t

Woman Helping Man On Trail As Group Of Senior Friends Go Hiking In Countryside Together

introducing the

Adventure Mastermind Logo-01

This is a proven, field-tested, and trauma-informed system that has literally changed the lives of so many people like you.

Adventure Masterminders know this life is precious and that they have a gift worth sharing.

They want to make the most of it, but want a more refined clarity about their purpose and how to share it with the world before deciding what's next.

They want to take things to a deeper level and uncover the soul work that's been holding them back from the next epic iteration of their lives. 

you know you've accomplished a lot so far. You have the degrees. The career experience. the life stories. ...and you know there's more

Doing this work isn't always cozy. In fact, it can be downright terrifying (which is why I've created this unique container). But this one, precious life is not about being comfortable.

It is about DISCOVERING YOUR deeper PURPOSE, HEALING yOUR shadows and LIMITING BELIEFS, AND creating an epic, aligned life on your terms.

sure - that sh*t can be scary AF. But I've got you.

It's time to do the soul work, the mind training, and the inner + outer adventures.

What is "soul work?"

First I'll tell you what it's not.

Soul work is not making a killer to-do list and putting things on your calendar and high-fiving your achievements.

It's not watching your bank account grow or getting more efficient and building systems.

It's not making sure you work out every day and have your green juice and feeling more confident on dates or in your relationships.

All those things? They can be awesome to have.

The interesting this is they actually come more naturally after you've done the soul work.

(Hint: if you know what you're "supposed" to be doing but haven't done it yet, soul work can be what's missing).

// Soul work in the Adventure Mastermind is about exploring your mind and soul with techniques like meditation, breathwork, plant medicines (optional) and other alternative states of consciousness. Let your inner healing wisdom show you what needs tending to. We let our default analytic brain take a back seat for a few precious moments so we can see our truth.

// It's unearthing the unhealthy patterns of our minds and hearts that hold us back from loving ourselves fully and from showing up authentically, compassionately, and from a wise place as we walk the Earth.

// It's connecting to and * finally * experiencing our pure selves in nature and in the wild, and letting the lessons we learn crack us open.

// It's coming into intimate awareness of the impermanence of our lives - that we are all going to die and we don't know when - and using that to fuel a life lived fully, passionately, compassionately, with no regrets.

Let's say that again because we don't hear it enough:

we are all going to die and we don't know when.

This is something to remember, not because it is scary, but because it is true and beautiful and precious. When we embrace this truth, we live life with more integrity, authenticity, and tender urgency. We don't waste time. The time is now.

Are you ready?
you can do this

I get that this work can be intimidating. This is why most people avoid doing it. It's why most people convince themselves things are just fine or good enough or not that bad. Or that things are awesome - who am I to complain? Or that it's ok to wait. Or that the timing isn't right. Or that they're not worth the investment of time, money, and energy. That it's "irresponsible" to invest in soul work when there are so many other things that need tending to.

It's ok. We can recognize that as fear.

And let me tell you: in my 30+ years of doing this work, everything worth anything is just past the fear.

soul work is the one thing we can't afford to put off any longer.

ashley b testimonial

Let's do this together.

Creating an aligned life also doesn’t happen alone on an island...


...even if that island is in somewhere gorgeous 😉 It requires a squad of amazing people to help you be brave, and take risks, and go beyond your comfort zone so that you emerge a more authentic and soulful version of you.

So I created that environment and the container of brave beings – and would love for you to join!

I want you to life a life of

no regrets


The adventure mastermind will help you:

  • Get clear about your unique purpose in this life - not just what you do, but how you are being in this one, precious life.
  • Discover exactly what you want in this chapter – your deepest desires finally outed. This often changes over time, and it's exciting to reinvent your desires and goals.
  • Embrace the person you’ve become and are becoming. You have a sh*t ton of life experience and the capacity to be one of the wisdom-carriers of our world (whether in your own small community of people or on a worldwide scale). You’re so much more than that list of dreams written in your journal – you are those dreams MANIFESTED – and you need to get out there and live them...with integrity and in alignment.
  • Know how to show up for YOURSELF consistently, and be able to cultivate the self-respect that comes from knowing you can trust yourself. No more flaking on the promises you’ve made. More, “I’ve got this!” Some of us are good at this with our professional lives, and with things we promise to others...but not so much when it comes to increasing compassion for ourselves (or others) or when we need to engage in healing practices. Our community will lovingly + fiercely hold you accountable because we believe in you.
  • Explore plant medicines and alternative states of consciousness in a safe, expertly guided container. No pressure - you get to choose your own adventure (breathwork, wilderness fasts, guided journeys, and meditation).
  • Heal at a deep level. Learn soul-level practices to expand your capacity to live your purpose and remove blockages. Learn evidence-based practical skills you can use daily to help you cultivate the courage, calm, and capacity to do the work in a trauma-informed environment.
  • Cultivate a daily practice that works for you and supports your growth. Maybe you've always wished you could commit to a daily meditation practice, or to regular journeys, yoga, or writing. Whatever it is, it's important.
  • Be an inspiration to your family and friends as they watch you create an aligned life where you deeply trust your own inner healing wisdom.
  • Feel a sense of sovereignty, so you step out of being a martyr or victim of the past, and start coming from a place of power.
  • Build resilience. Be able to handle the emotions that come up during hard times, knowing that even when life isn’t going your way, you’ve got what it takes to handle it. Life stops being about avoiding and more about, “Bring it on!”
  • And most importantly, at the end of the day, to look at your life and genuinely feel a sense of pride at how you showed up in the world – for yourself, and for others. You’ll feel that sense of well-being that comes from knowing deep down that no matter how the day goes, you’ve done your best. No regrets.

Save the dates for 2025: March 19-23, 2025 in Hawai'i (5-day TBA)// Alaska dates TBA


We are committed to social justice

Partial scholarships are available for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ applicants; 10% of all profits go to go to the Native Hawaiian non-profit Kahea to support the Aloha ‘Āina fund. We strive to understand our impact when we visit native lands, remembering that we are only visitors, travel with minimal impact, and give back.

sarah hart testimonial
sustainable testimonial post
Bottom line?

The Adventure Mastermind will open up a whole new way of being in your life

- one where you are unshakeably connected to your purpose and truth. Where you can boldly step into the future and actively create your dreams, living with no excuses – and no regrets. One where you show up as a compassionate, wise, and fiercely loving presence in the world. One where you say, “Bring it on. I can take it. Watch me.” Bonus: You’ll inspire others to make the most out of this precious thing called life. And we need that. A lot.



Remember: this is a hands-on experience. It’s not for people who want to sit back and “hope” for change in their lives while watching others do the work. I want you to feel the excitement as you watch your own power and energy rise to higher and higher levels.

So, as we move through the Adventure Mastermind together, you’ll gain clarity and get total velocity using the tools I give you and the support of your squad. Apply now to see if it's right for you.

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Transformational, guided soul work to break through areas that have held you back for years, clarity to know your purpose and the courage to manifest it

  • 4 months of deep-dive, small-group, soul-shifting coaching + transformation
  • In-person journey and retreat (optional add-on second retreat)
  • BONUS Mini virtual retreat for early birds to kick off our time together and give you all the things you need to know to dive right in. (Recorded if you sign up after it takes place)
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS - Instant access to Freedom School as soon as you enroll to support you before, during, and after your time in the Adventure Mastermind (if you're already a Freedom School student, we'll pause your membership so you're not charged while you're in the Mastermind)
  • The upleveled Adventure Mastermind  curriculum, curated with the unique needs of a true freedom seeker in mind. It will help you create a value-based life that is fulfilling and without regrets.
  • Trauma-informed approaches that don't gaslight your real-world experiences
  • Access to a private membership app to receive ongoing, personalized coaching, ask questions, receive support, and celebrate successes.
  • Evidence-based activities and practical tools to help you integrate what you learn
  • No stress - we've got you once you arrive at the meeting point. Food, lodging, adventures, and surprises included.
  • Preparatory sessions before and during, as well as integration after
  • We connect with nature on our retreats, so you will be in gorgeous locations on the Big Island of Hawai'i and amongst mountains and glaciers in Alaska. No matter where, they're Insta-ready (just sayin'...)
  • Expertly-guided altered states of consciousness journeys in a safe and non-judgmental environment (options for legal entheogens, breathwork, meditation, wilderness fast, etc.)
  • Main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) starting with dinner Day 1 and ending with breakfast on the last day
  • Ground/sea transportation after arrival at our meeting point. You just need to get your beautiful self to our rendezvous point!
  • Retreat adventures (kayaking, snorkeling in protected bays, exploring icebergs in glacial lakes…and surprises!).
  • Group coaching 3 times a month, including laser coaching, classes, and guest speakers.
  • As my VIP clients, you also receive greater access to me for exclusive coaching throughout the program. Think of it like having me on retainer. You can ask me questions by video or chat in our exclusive group app M-Th 9-5 Pacific time and I’ll get back to you by video, audio or messaging. Pinky promise. I’ve got you.
  • A squad of amazing people who want to create a life of freedom, adventure and purpose – just like you!
  • …and more

Still not convinced?

Read about these client transformations...

becky k client photo

Before I worked with Ana, I felt stagnant, blocked by indecision, chronic stress, and the weight of other people's wants, needs, and problems. Life looked good from the outside, but I couldn't seem to find clear direction through the clutter on the inside.

I knew I needed a new set of tools, and Ana's program was my magic elixir. Every day, I use my new skills to process thoughts and feelings, make decisions, and move through situations in healthier, more productive ways. I let go of things more easily. I say 'no' without (much) guilt and am excited and confident when I say 'yes!'

Ana's program helped me hit a reset button on my attitude, relationships, and direction. There's new motion, clarity, and energy in my life. I wish everyone could feel this light. 

Thanks, Ana!

becky king

Adv Mastermind - Testimonials V01_Jen Field

Before I worked with Ana I was feeling frustrated as to why I was not meeting some of my goals and really wondering why I felt like so much was out of my reach. I realized through her program that the reason I had so much doubt was because I had not gotten laser clear about what I wanted. Sounds easy... it is and it isn’t. Also, I was not honoring my values. Probably because I had not taken the time to figure out what they were! Again, sounds easy right? Well, let me tell you – if it was, then I would have done it already! The recipe for turning this around was provided to me and the result was pretty much an instant turnaround. The tools that you acquire by going through this process will be with you always and more than likely change the way you look at things forever. Ana is an amazing coach and I feel so fortunate to get to work with her. Thanks, Ana, for helping me realize that I already am the amazing person I wanted to be.

Jen Field

michele b testimonial photo

I spent a fortune with another teacher and the result was zero - zero support, zero followup.  So I was very hesitant to spend more money on another program  - but something about Ana made me stop and listen. 

Ana is AWESOME - you can feel her light coming through with every call and interaction. She cares about her students and not only gives you the tools to tame that damn subconscious but gives you the tools to understand the "why."  It was one of the best experiences I have had with any sort of personal growth program.  She is simply awesome. 

Do not hesitate for a second! Do it - you will not regret it.  Super powerful work with a super talented, caring human.

michele b.

sarah m client photo

There are lots of coaching options available, but what’s great about Ana is her ability to connect with people and meet them where they are. I really love how she’s able to blend so many disciplines and ways of viewing the world into a very down to earth and clear message. This ability -as well as the awesome locales and adventures- made my first Mastermind experience transformative! I felt cracked wide open and aware of the potential life possible for me when not hindered by self doubt and my own limiting attitude. It was so powerful that I spent the next couple of years digesting and continuing one on one coaching with Ana, and then came back for another Mastermind that was even better!


Through both Masterminds I met such amazing women, who I now call my friends. We get together on a regular basis and continue the amazing adventure started in Mastermind.


If you are on the fence about it, stop wondering and go for it, you won’t regret it!!

Sarah Masco


becky woood client testimonial photo
After working with Ana, I left an unhealthy relationship, found a beautiful home to live in, found a new job, gotten very clear about my work, become more confident and positive, and have met so many amazing new people, feeling so much better about myself and my life! It’s amazing what opens up when you have the guidance of a wise, truly gifted mentor like Ana. I highly recommend Ana’s work … invest in yourself & learn that you are worth it! Ana is a coach who can definitely help you become clear, and help you step up into living fully, living the life you have dreamed of.

Becky Wood

Adv Mastermind - Testimonials V01_Kiova Staley
Working with Ana through my challenges taught me what I desperately NEEDED to learn, rather than what I THOUGHT I would like to learn. What continues to serve me is a new awareness where I can identify places of resistance as places that need my attention. I have become braver and quicker to act on opportunities and challenges that I might have put off or dismissed all together in the past. I’ve replaced negative, limiting beliefs with positive, expansive ones; tapped into my intuition, and created a stronger trust in myself. I can choose a course of action and know that whatever the outcome, I will be wiser and more resilient. I celebrate my accomplishments daily and don’t dwell on setbacks. When I do get off track, I notice it more quickly, recommit and do what it takes to get my vibration juiced up again. Ana is a wealth of compassion, wisdom, positivity – an intuitive bad ass with the tools and experience to guide you through your unique journey in identifying and obtaining your goals.

Kiova Staley


You can do this.

I know that. the question you?

Do you believe that nothing is more important than making the most of this one precious life? Than knowing your purpose and living it fully? Then seize this opportunity now. No more excuses starts today.

Join this unique group now, and never wonder “What if?” in a life full of possibilities again.

In case you haven’t figure it out yet – you are totally worth it;)

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There's a reason you are still reading this.

say yes to a life of freedom, adventure and purpose!


About Ana Image

Ana Verzone is a Master Certified Life Coach + Soul Midwife who specializes in helping people discover their power and live their truth – creating lives of true freedom, inside and out. She is the founder of Freedom School, the Adventure Mastermind, and is the host of the top-rated Rebel Buddhist® Podcast.

Ana is an undeniable multi-passionate, with (nerd alert) a degree in Psychology from UCSC, a Master’s degree in family nursing from UCSF, a post-master’s degree in nurse-midwifery, a doctoral degree, and a post-doctorate in psychiatric mental health from Johns Hopkins University (a leader in psychedelic-assisted therapy research).

She has also completed training with MAPS (the esteemed Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) and a fellowship in Integrative Psychiatry and Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy training with the Integrative Psychiatry Institute. She is an advocate for education and harm reduction and has volunteered with Zendo at festivals such as Burning Man and beyond.

Related experience (really!) includes her decade as an international climbing guide and a career as a nurse-midwife where she caught over 1000 babies. She has been with womyn through intense sh*t.

Ana also has 4 life coaching certifications, having been mentored by key founders of the life coaching profession such as Martha Beck, Brooke Castillo, and the creators of Co-Active Coaching. She has completed a 2-year mindfulness teacher training with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach and is currently being mentored in Compassionte Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate and is in the 2-year Dedicated Practitioners Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

She meditated for a month in the Himalayas as her FIRST retreat – so you know that when she’s into something, she’s all in. Including with her clients.

Academics is easy for her. Guiding womyn like you is her superpower – so imagine what you’re in for.

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You think you've tried everything?

You haven't. Trust me. I can teach you the exact tools that helped me create a life of freedom. You can do this.

Don't waste any more time. The time is NOW.

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Disclaimer: At no time does Ana Verzone or Ana Verzone, LLC promote or require the illegal use of substances in any manner. While there are options for federally-approved medical treatment and psychedelic research, in no way does Ana Verzone or Ana Verzone, LLC promote, condone, or facilitate illegal activity. Programs are strictly for educational and harm reduction purposes only. Please be aware that certain entheogenic substances still remain illegal in many jurisdictions, including federally in the United States. This program and the contents of this website do not constitute medical advice, and are not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.