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Hey, rebel women. I see you there. You’re wild and fierce but wanting more from life?

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Here’s what Freedom School will do

for you...
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  • Give you a deep dive into cognitive coaching and the geek's guide to mindfulness + Buddhist psychology (and nope - you don't have to be a Buddhist to benefit from the mind science I teach). Think of it like if Buddhism and science had a love child.
  • Tools that actually work to help you train your mind to work for you instead of against you. I know most sh*t hits the fan when you're off the cushion or yoga mat. 
  • Create a deeper mind-body connection - it's all connected and you can't create the life of your dreams while eating chips zoning out on the couch (yes love - even kale chips).
  • Give practical solutions to real life problems that you can start using right away. If you’re fighting with your partner I’m not going to tell you to go meditate on it - I’ll give you a practical solution you can implement right away. It's one of the first tools you'll learn.
  • Give you peace of mind - I’m a mindfulness geek with too many graduate degrees so you can definitely trust what I say.
  • Let you do you - if you love partying on a Saturday night and spending Sunday in a Netflix daze, I’m not going to judge you. But I will ask you the hard questions so you can get more in touch with who you really are, what you want to create, and how to get out of your own way.