I hear you. You are OVER wasting time on shit that doesn't really matter.

Ready to live with no regrets? Thought so.

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October 25th at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern


2 hours. Little time. NO MONEY. Big clarity.

In this Masterclass, I'm going to share with you POWERFUL, tiny practices that will have a BIG impact on making sure your life is focused on what really matters.

Sure...it's easier to get clear about that when life hits us with something extreme like the loss of a loved one, a close-call accident, or a serious medical diagnosis (like for me, it was cancer x 2).

But we don't have to wait for those things to happen to get clear about what really matters in our lives.

I'll teach you how so you can stop wasting time, money, and energy on things that don't truly feed your soul - and help you show up the way you want to in the world.

You've got nothing to lose - PLUS I've got some prizes I'm going to give away!

So come and join us - life is too short not to!


we will have an amazing time 😉