Do you want more support during the course?


What about access to me for 3 weeks?

Did you ever try to quit drinking and feel like it would have been so much easier if you had more clarity going in and more 1:1 support?
Someone to check in with, ask questions to. Like, on that day, in that moment, and not just once a week?
Someone who wasn't going to keep telling you it's not a big deal or try to talk you out of it?
Someone who has been in those exact situations like:
  • the times you are thinking too much about drinking and wondering when 5pm will ever arrive
  • when you get super stressed out and just want to have a drink to relax
  • when you want to celebrate and you're so used to drinking and now you don't know what to do instead
  • when you're about to go out with friends that have been your drinking buddies and you aren't quite sure what to say about not drinking.

I've got you...

So many people just wish they had more support when trying to Drink Less - this is a great way to get that, and it's super affordable compared to my longer 1:1 coaching packages.
Sign up for this private coaching package and receive:

A 30-minute private session with me to help you get clear and know your next steps to set you up for success.
(Value: $250)

Voxer access to me - Voxer is a cool communications app that works in any country and just uses wifi or cellular data. You'll receive my private Voxer access.
(Value: $500)

You can ask me questions via text or voice message on Voxer for 21 days, the number of days science shows it takes to create a new habit, for up to 20 minutes a week. That's a lot of questions you can send my way!

I'll get back to you M-F 9-5 Pacific

You won't feel you're doing this alone. I'll be right there with you!

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