live an untamed + unconventional life with

no regrets!
Hey, rebel woman! I see you. You're wild and fierce...and wishing for more from life.

the adventure of your life starts today


If someone asked you what you would like LESS of in your life

what would you say?





Body shame?

Bad news lovers?



Negative juju?

Rather than subtracting things from your life, let’s try adding things.


I know you want to make the most of your wild and precious life.

Do you crave more...

  • Unshakeable confidence in your ability to smash your goals? 
  • Clarity in why you are here and what you're meant to be doing in the world?
  • Feeling proud of your life and how you're living it?
  • Positive mindset skills so you can get your inner mean girl to shut the hell up and let you get on with it? 
  • Energy so you don’t feel like a slug moving through cement every damn day?
  • Adventure in your life - every day?
  • Freedom… to live life on your terms? 

You want it all right?



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Resources, courses and a killer support group to keep you motivated on your wild journey to a free life.

With a combination of science-backed research and meditative spiritual practices (kind of like if Buddhism and science had a love child) Freedom School™ has what you need to focus that fierce spirit of yours and help you get what you truly want out of life. 

Join me, Ana Verzone, a spiritual mindset coach for rebel women who want the most out of life without dulling the sparkle of their wild souls

I offer untamable women the tools they need to achieve everything they’ve ever wanted in life while honoring their adventurous, carefree and freedom-driven lives.

You ready?

You are undefinable in a world that just wants to put you in a box.

You want adventure and freedom… and most importantly you want to stick it to the man and live a life that feels authentic to YOU. 


About Ana Verzone


I’m not going to beat around the bush here - life's too short for unnecessary crap like that. 

Here are some of my qualifications so you can trust you’re in good hands on this journey and move on to saying YES to joining Freedom School™:  

  • BA Clinical Psychology
  • Doctoral degree in Nursing specializing in stress, resilience, anxiety and burnout
  • Master Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher 
  • Completed multiple long silent retreats and studied with Tibetan masters and respected Western teachers like Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach since 1993
  • Functional Medicine Practitioner 
Bottom line?

I’m a freedom seeker.


I had a rough upbringing in a not-so-nice neighborhood. My parents did their best but it wasn’t an easy home to grow up in so I became independent and resilient really early in life. This is good for you because everything I learned on the way made me a better coach. 

I’ve lived many lives - I’ve been an international climbing guide, battled cancer (twice!), dated wonderful and awful men, experienced trauma (haven’t we all?), worked as a midwife, got married (yup - twice), become a mother, almost became a nun (true story - but I just couldn’t ditch the sex and booze at the time), worked as a massage therapist and yoga teacher. I’ve also travelled and lived all over the world.


My mama always told me

‘Never rely on a man for anything.’

And I never have.

Throughout my life I’ve studied. I’ve studied and experienced life in a fierce way (check out my qualifications - I quite like geeking out and having adventures) and I’ve developed a magic combination of spirituality and science to create a solid methodology for my clients.

Freedom. Adventure. Purpose.


I’ve always been a bit rebel and I’ve always been a bit spiritual and sometimes it can be hard to be both.

And then I thought - fuck it - I AM both.

I can party with the best of them under the stars in wild places. I’ve been known to toss f-bombs like a sailor. I’m human and can still lose my cool with my partner over stupid sh*t. I also meditate and do yoga.

I sometimes eat too much (but I balance it out with a green smoothie). I used to drink too much too - but figured that out (whew!).

I believe in science (I have a doctorate!) but I also believe in the power of our minds and what we can achieve when we really focus our energy. 

This life is a miracle. To be alive is fucking mindblowing. To be in this body on this planet at this time. 

I want people to make the most of it. 

I teach people how to go after life with gusto. How to pivot their lives away from the ordinary and fast track it to be extraordinary. 

Want to go an adventure?

Of course you do.


The adventure of your life

starts here

Define your own freedom. Seek unimaginable adventure. Follow YOUR path. You only have one magnificent life. What are you going to do with it? 

  • Are you feeling dissatisfied but you’re not sure why?
  • Are you basically going through the motions of life and not really experiencing it?
  • Do you crave adventure and feel a little bit like your life is like a boring conference you’re being forced to attend?
  • Do you love the idea of meditation and yoga but feel like you’re a bit too loud/naughty/sweary/boozy for that world?

I've seen thousands of rebel women struggling with inner conflict. Wanting to live an authentic life but still paying the bills/taking care of themselves/being a good partner/mother and friend. 

With over 25 years of deep dives into science and spiritual experience, I’ve narrowed it down to three main focus areas of ultra happiness and fulfillment.

Freedom. Adventure. Purpose.

With these three elements as your focal points, you can live the intrepid, wild and rebel life you crave without compromise.


Welcome to

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This is a place for busy women who want to get their shit sorted quickly. It’s full of practical tools that work to help you finally start creating the life you were meant to live.

It has everything you need to get clear about what you want and the courage to go out and get it.

buckle up

I'm coming along for the ride


Here’s what Freedom School will do

for you...
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  • Give you a deep dive into cognitive coaching and the engine of Buddhist psychology (and nope - you don't have to be a Buddhist to benefit from the mind science I teach)
  • Provide actionable tips to uplevel your mindfulness in practical ways 
  • Create a functional mind-body connection 
  • Give solutions to real life problems - if you’re fighting with your partner I’m not going to tell you to go meditate on it, I’ll give you a practical solution you can implement right away.
  • Give you peace of mind - I’m a Buddhist geek with too many degrees so you can definitely trust what I say 
  • Let you be you - if you love partying on a Saturday night and spending Sunday in a Netflix daze, I’m not going to judge you. I’ll walk next to you.
Testimonials Sarah Hart-01

“After my first session with Ana I knew I had found someone who truly could help me create the life of my dreams. Working with Ana is absolutely EPIC experience. She has this magical power that will help you smash through whatever is holding you back + help you get you ah-freaking-mazing clarity on what you TRULY want.

It’s been a few weeks since I started working with her and I use the tools that she taught me to make inspired decisions  about my life + business daily. I’m on the road to creating a life packed full of adventure, creativity + FUN!! Thank you ANA!!”

Sarah Hart

Creative Director

So what do I get in Freedom School?

Add. Icons 3

Live coaching: 3 live group coaching calls per month, so you can ask all your questions and have them answered by Ana PLUS quarterly Tea Time sessions where we hang out on video and shoot the sh*t. These are all recorded if you can’t make it!

$200/month value

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A Q&A special that’s sent out every month, where I answer the questions for folks that couldn’t make the live calls.

$47/month value

Add. Icons 7

Instant access to Freedom School’s exclusive library of extensive courses - including ANY new course I create (see below for 3 of the courses you get instant access to)


Add. Icons 5

Gorgeous monthly workbooks with activities and tools for the topic of the month.

$97/month value

Add. Icons 2

Instant access to the private Facebook group which is basically a haven of like-minded women, totally committed to evolving, growing, and living an extraordinary life with no regrets. (Doing a social media detox? Good for you! There's a way to post questions anonymously right from the course platform - no FB required). That sense of tribe is priceless. Trust me. 

but let’s say $200/month value for kicks

Add. Icons 6

Instant access to the current month’s training videos and materials (new content released each month).

$200/month value


for only $97 a month 

You get over $2300 per month value. It's a no-brainer.

AV – Mockup

Where will you start? It depends which month you join as to which month will be delivered to you first (I’m very into honoring the seasons and how they affect us) 

Icon 1 V02

Getting Sh*t Done

Committing, taking massive action and throwing yourself 100% behind this wild journey to total freedom. You'll learn how to set goals and do what it takes to make them a reality.

Icon 3


How to create authentic relationships with your family, friend or lover that truly nourish BOTH of you. How to stop blaming how you feel on other people (no one likes that!) and needing other people to help you feel good. Oh, and dating? Yes, we've got you covered. You'll learn how to confidently step into the dating scene on YOUR terms.

Icon 4

Stop Buffering

How to stop using external things to make us feel better. Do you overdrink, overeat, overNetflix? This is for you, rebel overdoer. I get you.

Icon 5

Body Freedom

How to live in a body and give it the respect and attention it deserves. And  hormones? Oh yeah - manage them at any age, work with not against your cycles and embrace the beauty, fury and wonder of being a fierce female.

Icon 7

Mindful Self Compassion + Radical Self Care

How to take care of yourself so you can cultivate the courage to do hard shit in the world. 

Icon 8

How to Change Your Past

Detox your brain - clear out negative thought patterns and old stories about your past that no longer serve you. We learn how to rewrite the past so it better serves us - where we are the heroine of our own epic life. Learn how to stop the habitual patterns and create the life you are meant to live.

Icon 9

Time Management and Preventing Overwhelm

How to organize your life and your mind like a total boss. And with the Summer Reset, you'll also get your body ready to take on the amazing new goals you've planned for.

Icon 10

Resilience + Self Confidence

How to bounce back better when life gets hard (because it will) and when you have to deal with difficult people.

Icon 11

Meditation + Spiritual Practices for Rebels

Not your zen-rock-garden-type of meditation course. This one is for rebel ladies who have a hard time sitting still long enough or often enough for the old-school approach.

Icon 12

Letting Go

How to clear out what no longer serves you (stuff, emotions, thoughts, and yes, even people).

Icon 13

Mastering Emotional Wellness

Next level skills for how to manage your emotions so they don’t have control over you. How to deal with being in a funk, difficult people, challenging situations, anxiety and overwhelm.

Icon 14

Setting Epic Goals for the New Year

Resolutions are so boring. How to reflect on and learn from your past (so you don’t make the same mistakes), stop bad habits and build new ones, and set goals that will blow your own mind.

Testimonials Melissa Cooley-01

“Before I did Ana’s program I was in a funk. Not that life was bad,  I just felt personally stuck and needed some more skills, specifically her ”Jedi mind” skills.  Not only did I get out of my funk, I lost weight, improved my co-parenting relationship and my business income increased (no joke – abundance affirmation works!) all within 7 weeks…coincidence? Not really, just great a coach and program that helped create momentum for change and a willingness to take on living my BEST LIFE, out of the box. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!“

Melissa Cooley

Visionary artist, Yogini, mother of twins, and owner of a yoga studio, Ashland, OR


4 deep dive courses
Mindset Bootcamp

A 4 week course to retrain your brain.

$250 value

Drink Less, Feel Free_Colour

How to finally change your relationship with alcohol.

$400 value

Stop Overeating_Colour

Learn how to eat to live a free life - not live to eat. 

$600 value

Ziji Up! Confidence Course

Take the action you need to create the life you were meant to live.

$400 value

...AND THERE'S MORE! (of course)

bonus workbooks

$150 value

Bonus Icon 1

7- day Clarity + Courage Course

How to get clear about what you want and cultivate the courage to do what it takes to get it.

Bonus Icon 2

How to Get Shit Done

How to stop procrastinating and not following through on your commitments. How to take massive action.

Bonus Icon 3

Modern Emotional Wellness

Learn how what USED to work for our brains no longer serves us in the modern day, and how we can retrain it for modern emotional health.


Testimonials Chase Mckenna-01

“With her guidance I built a new foundation for my life, relationships, dreams, and desires. I can’t begin to express how pivotal having her in my life at this time and this place was for me. I’m so grateful I found her and she works from a pure place of passion and dedication. I can’t tell you how many times we both got goosebumps during our sessions due to such rapid changes, energy shifts, and all over positive transformations. Thank you Ana.”

Chase McKenna

Actress and Master Hypnotherapist, Los Angeles, CA

This is for you if…

  • You want to create more freedom in your life, inside and out
  • You want to live with the authentic expression of yourself while kicking the shit out of your goals at the same time
  • You want to stop caring so much about what other people think about you, or worrying about what might go wrong
  • You want to learn to walk through this life with authenticity, integrity and damn lot of sparkle
  • You're ready to change your life and do what it takes to make it happen
  • You know living your best life isn't always easy, and you are ready to learn the skills to build more resilience for those times

This isn’t for you if…

  • You need to be treated with kid gloves 
  • You’re skeptical about the powers of the mind - I don’t work with doubters 
  • You want someone else to do the work for you 
  • You prefer a calm and gentle approach… I’m too much a rebel for that
  • You're not willing to stop blaming other people - here at Freedom School, we step into our POWER.

altogether, YOU ARE GETTING...

AV – Mockup
  • How to Take Action and Achieve Your Goals
  • Relationships
  • How to Stop Buffering
  • Body Freedom 
  • Mindful Self Compassion 
  • How to Re-write Your Past and Detox your brain and body 
  • Time Management and Preventing Overwhelm 
  • Resilience + Self Confidence
  • Meditation + Spiritual Practice for Rebels
  • Letting Go 
  • Mastering Emotional Wellness 
  • Setting Epic Goals for the New Year


Mastermind Virtual Retreat

an intimate 1/2 day of coaching


March 3, 2021 4PM-7PM PACIFIC 

  • 1/2 day of transformational coaching with you, Ana, and an intimate squad of like-minded rebel women
  • $500 value 
  • Get clear about the life you want to create
  • Come up with solid steps for how to start creating it - right away
  • You won't get lost in a zoom with pages of people - this will be small. Raise your hand and your question WILL get answered by Ana
  • Can't come? It will be recorded for you to watch from home!
  • Wild woman dance party (always)
  • ... and more 
There's more...


Weekend Alaska Retreat

2 days of transformation


JULY 14-16, 2021


2 days of transformational coaching in the adventure capital of the world

  • We start with a cocktail party the night of the 14th (Freedom Junkie style - no black dress needed, and non-alcoholic beverages also available) and end on the afternoon of the 16th
  • Normally we require enrollment for 6 months, but for this bonus we shortened the required enrollment time to 3 months so you can all feel free and come play with us sooner than later!
  • $2000 value (your registration is paid for)*
  • Bring a friend for FREE
  • Freedom School swag
  • In-person (OMG remember that?!). This will not convert to an online event - if needed it will be rescheduled until it is safe to travel, but July is looking good!
  • Can't come? It will be live-streamed for you to watch from home!
  • Receive recordings of all the workshops
  • Wild woman dance party (of course!)
  • ... and more 

* does not include air, lodging or meals except for one group cocktail party with drinks and hors d'oeuvres

Zvyiljmu (1)


1:1 call with me.

$500 value

Dr. Ana Verzone is a Master Certified Life Coach specializing in helping women discover their power and live their truth – creating lives of true freedom, inside and out. Guiding women like you is her superpower – so imagine what you’re in for.

Grab the Bonuses


MERCURY IN RETROGRADE SUCKS  - so I've extended the FAB by 24 hours.

These unusual times have you needing more support than ever - and not a place where you get lost in a huge group. Freedom School is the place to be to not get lost and to be seen. I want to make the decision to join super easy for you, so I created all those amazing bonuses.

I know - You're thinking "OMG Ana you confused me with all the bonuses!"

Let's recap all you get just by signing up before midnight February 21st here:

:: Four deep-dive courses

  • Mindset Bootcamp
  • Stop Overdrinking
  • Stop Overeating
  • Ziji Up Mastery Program
  • $1650 value


:: The 1/2 Day "Uplevel" Mastermind Virtual Retreat (usually only available for annual members but open to all until midnight February 20th) $500 value


:: Bonus workbooks

  • How to Get Sh*t Done
  • Clarity + Courage Course
  • Modern Emotional Wellness
  • $150 value


That's $2300 in bonuses, not even including the $2500 per month value you get in Freedom School each month


So that means you receive a $4800 value right away - just for signing up today.


If you're the type that knows what you want and will GO FOR IT, sign up for the annual plan and receive:

  • 1/2 day "Uplevel" Mastermind Virtual Retreat
  • Bonus 1:1 call with Ana
  • Automatically be able to register for the free 2-day Alaska retreat
  • All the bonuses above
  • $4000 value + $4800 above bonuses = $8800 if you enroll today


Either way, it's a no-brainer. The bonuses alone are worth more than the price of Freedom School, so sign up already!

FAST-ACTION BONUS EXTENDED - doors close soon!

You ready?

Your investment


Monthly Payments


:: "Uplevel" Virtual Mastermind Retreat
:: Cancel anytime before the next month

(be real: this is the equivalent of a bad night out at a bar or a pair of overpriced ‘fancy’ work out tights - and the bennies last waaaay longer)
  • Full access to Freedom School
  • Bonus content (over $1500 value)
  • Daily support M-F via the amazing Facebook group
  • Live group coaching calls
  • 24-7 support forum
  • Free 2-Day retreat in Alaska in 2021 for all those who are in Freedom School for 3 months or longer (I shortened the required time this year since COVID kept so many from traveling!)*
  • *** LIMITED TIME BONUS - Spend a ½ day with me in a small intimate online retreat where we will get clear about your dreams and desires for the next year and learn key strategies to make them happen



:: 2 FREE months
:: 1 FREE 1:1 call with Ana
:: "Uplevel" Virtual mastermind Retreat
:: 2-Day Alaska Retreat
:: You commit to YOURSELF for an entire year + have your own back
  • Full access to Freedom School
  • Bonus content ($4200+ value)
  • Daily support M-F and the group coaching calls each month
  • Live group coaching calls
  • 24-7 support forum
  • Automatically eligible for the free weekend retreat in Alaska in 2021*
  • *** LIMITED TIME BONUS - Spend a ½ day with me in a small intimate online retreat where we will get clear about your dreams and desires for the next year and learn key strategies to make them happen.
  • *** LIMITED TIME BONUS - 1 bonus 1:1 call with me

* does not include air, lodging or meals except for one group cocktail party with drinks and hors d'oeuvres

if you've gotten this far

you definitely need to stop getting stuck in confusion and sign up

Testimonial Kelly Summersett-01

“Ana has been my rock these past six months and exactly the person I was looking to have in my corner to grow my business. She has done the work and has so much experience with coaching and best business practices. She knows so many tips and tools that I had no clue about. Examples: Fiverr! Hello! Where has that service been all of my life! Virtual Assistant? Yes please, I’ll take two. It was really great to bounce ideas off her and for her to come back with so much immediate and useful insight, suggestions, and guidance.

Ana helped me do the thing that I have struggled most in life with: Clarity! Because getting clear about who I am, who I attract, and being able to articulate it all to others is step one to abundant success! Hands down, this has been worth the price of Ana’s admission!

Hire Ana, she’s worth it.”

Kelly Summersett


Our guarantee


If after you’ve done the work for 30 days you see no changes, I offer a full refund. You need to show you’ve actively participated: show that you’ve done the thought work assignments and worksheets for the month, attended at least one live call (or showed notes from actively listening to one) and engaged in the Facebook group. Because if you do that, it will work. Guaranteed. If you don't notice any changes, you get 100% of your money back, no problem.

so no excuses, right?